Court reform

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  • Briefing

    Problem-solving courts for women: An evidence & practice briefing

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    This briefing provides a summary on the dynamics of female offending and details the importance of expanding the use of gender-specific approaches to women in the criminal justice system. It highlights some existing good practice in this area, and outlines some guidance for those seeking to implement a problem-solving court for women.

  • Research

    Time to get it right: Enhancing problem-solving practice in the Youth Court

    This report details the findings of a research project which was jointly undertaken by the Centre for Justice Innovation (CJI) and the Institute for Crime and Justice Policy Research (ICPR), Birkbeck, which examined current practice in the youth court, and how the court was meeting the needs of vulnerable young people.

  • report

    Better Courts: a blueprint for innovation

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    Our report sets out a new blueprint, in which we resolve simple cases outside of court, refocus our resources on finding better ways for courts to handle to complex cases and safeguard vulnerable victims, and create a culture of innovation by modernising the way in which are courts are run.