The Centre for Justice Innovation champions practice innovation and evidence-led policy reform in a variety of areas.

Racial disparity

Children of different ethnicity sat on a wall talking
We work to understand and address racial disparity within the justice system.
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Women in justice

Woman sat on a sofa drinking tea having a chat
We work to implement gender-specific responses for women in the justice system
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Community advice

Signpost to help and advice
Community Advice is an advice, information and support service based in Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court. It is free to use and it is completely independent from the judicial process.
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Smarter Sentencing

Community service clearing a wood
We work to make our sentencing smarter
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Family drug and alcohol courts

Shoes on a rug
We work to improve outcomes for children and families
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Court reform

A magistrate's court in the sunshine
We promote evidence-based court innovation
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Pre-court disposals

Young person facing a split in an arrow
We work to improve the use and effectiveness of pre-court disposals.
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Improving fairness

Welsh policeman talking to the public
We work to improve perceptions of fairness and legitimacy in the justice system.
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Problem-solving courts

Rubix cube
We champion and support evidence-based problem-solving courts
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Mapping Innovation

We work to promote the best of Britain’s innovative justice practice.
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