'I’m sick and tired of being stereotyped'

This month’s guest blogger puts the spotlight on how he feels stereotypes and prejudice can strain the relationship between the police and the communities they serve.

Pre-court Diversion for Women

This new briefing lays out the evidence base around women’s offending and the specific needs of women, explore what we know about effective working with female offenders, and provide examples of diversion schemes tailored for women.

Strengthening Youth Diversion

Point-of-arrest youth diversion can reduce crime, keep communities safer, cut costs, and create better outcomes for children. In this briefing, we call on policymakers to take action to strengthen evidence-led point-of-arrest youth diversion.

Public Safety, Public Trust: Innovative Ideas for Police and Crime Commissioners in 2020

This document highlights some of the main challenges facing the  criminal justice system and provides practical innovative solutions  that prospective PCCs could include in their manifestos for the  2020 elections. 
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The Centre for Justice Innovation provides hands-on assistance to practitioners who work in the justice system across the UK. 
Area of focus

Family drug and alcohol courts

Family drug and alcohol courts (FDACs) are a problem-solving court approach which improve outcomes for children involved in care proceedings. They offer an alternative way of supporting parents to overcome the substance misuse, mental health and domestic abuse problems that have put their children at risk of serious harm.

Pre-court diversion for adults: An evidence briefing

The purpose of this briefing is to summarise the evidence to date on the impact of pre-court diversion for adults and to draw out some promising practice principles for those working in pre-court diversion schemes.