Mapping Innovation

We work to promote the best of Britain’s innovative justice practice.

The Centre for Justice Innovation regularly engages with practitioners to find out what’s exciting them in the world of justice. We want to know what projects practitioners are running that they are most proud of and, just as importantly, the ones a few counties away that are inspiring them.

We are expanding the map so that it not only includes innovations in criminal justice, but also in public family law and the child welfare system. We are keen to hear from practitioners from across the UK about new and exciting initiatives that we can add in all areas. If you would like your work to be included, please get in touch

Before you get in touch, please be aware that in order to be included on our map we require that your project:

  • is led by, delivered in partnership or commissioned by a statutory agency;
  • can demonstrate improved outcomes. In criminal justice, this might be for victims or service-users, or in family justice, for parents and children.
  • is innovative! By that we mean, it is trying something new in your locality or for that particular target group.

The map can be filtered by location, by the type of people the project primarily works with, by the agencies involved and by the focus of the project.

Filter Projects
We spoke to Dr. Udita Iyengar, Project Manager for BeST? at King's College London, about the New Orleans Intervention Model and adapting the PLO guidelines to trial new ways of working.
North West, Parents, Children's Social Work
Wales, Adults, Children and Young people, Mental health
South East, Mental health & wellbeing, Adults
North East, Adults, Mental Health
North West, Adults, Addiction
Greater London, Mental health & wellbeing, Young adults, Children and young people
North West, Greater London & South East, Stalking, Mental health & wellbeing