Adult diversion

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  • Briefing

    Conditional cautions: An evidence review

    We have produced a review and synthesis of the available research on the use of the conditional caution, in order to inform the implementation of the new diversionary caution by all police forces. 

  • Toolkit

    Pre-court diversion for adults

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    This toolkit is for practitioners who are involved in, or are considering creating, a pre-court diversion scheme for adults in contact with the criminal justice system, and offers evidence-led practical advice, based on lessons learnt from existing schemes.

  • Briefing

    Pre-court diversion for women


    This new briefing aims to support practitioners seeking to develop or improve gender-specific pre-court diversion. It lays out the evidence base around women’s offending and the specific needs of women, explores what we know about effective working with female offenders, and provides examples of diversion schemes tailored for women.

  • Briefing

    Pre-court diversion for adults: An evidence briefing

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    The purpose of this briefing is to summarise the evidence to date on the impact of pre-court diversion for adults and to draw out some promising practice principles for those working in pre-court diversion schemes.