The Freedom Programme (ANAWIM)

The Freedom Programme is a 12-week programme run by Anawim and delivered to women who are survivors of domestic violence (DV).

We spoke with Pam Kaur about this programme, created by Pat Craven, that they have begun implementing.

About Anawim

The Freedom Programme is delivered by Anawim, a charity situated in Birmingham. Anawim is Birmingham’s Women Centre and provides many different services for women from Project New Chance, from housing support, domestic abuse support to mental health - you can read our case study on Project New Chance, here.

About the Freedom Programme

The Freedom Programme is a domestic violence programme that was created by Pat Craven and is now provided by many agencies across the UK. The programme helps women identify the different ways their partners exert domestic abuse, the effects on children, warning signs of domestic abuse, and working toward moving forward. It not only aids women in understanding what has happened but they can find comfort in knowing that they’re not alone as they hear stories from other women. It is important to know that women cannot still be with their partners to participate in the program. This is a safeguarding measure as the contents of the programme could trigger the male.

A different topic is covered each week:

  1. Introduction, Statistics, and The Dominator and Mr. Right.
  2. The Bully.
  3. The Badfather.
  4. The Effects of Domestic Violence and Abuse on Children.
  5. The Headworker.
  6. The Jailer.
  7. The Sexual Controller.
  8. The King of the Castle.
  9. The Liar.
  10.  The Persuader.
  11.  Warning Signs
  12.  Signpost

Sessions take place in person during term time and last for two hours. This is the first time that Anawim has implemented the programme and it is currently running successfully. Through being facilitated by someone with experience with DV, the women feel safe and comfortable to open up and share their experiences. They have also been provided friendship as they have created a group chat that provides support outside the session.


What have you learned from the Freedom Programme? “How to be careful when you are in a relationship with a man. That you should be treated equally with respect. Also, the impact it has on relationships with the children as well as the partner” What did you find helpful/useful? “The book had a lot of information. The discussions in the group [were] really amazing. It helped me to understand how to be aware of good and bad men”. Anonymous feedback provided by a service user.


Client groups and other agencies have undertaken many evaluations of the Freedom Programme, which can be found here. Regarding Anawim’s evaluation, this will be undertaken once more sessions have been delivered however they currently utilise feedback provided by the women.  

If you would like to learn more about implementing the Freedom Programme, you can contact Meera Kaur Rasiya, Communications Officer, at


This case study was compiled by Maysa Clam in 2022

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