Values of our work

We base all our practice development work on five key values. These values have been developed through our experience supporting change on the ground as well as evidence and research into effective implementation. We use these values at the outset and throughout all our projects to ensure that we develop shared goals with partners and that we devise and deliver appropriate solutions to clear problems.


Innovation from the ground up
Effective and sustainable innovation is best developed in response to local context and existing capacity by those closest to the problem, rather than through prescribed top down service models.


Practitioner and user designed innovation
Effective innovation is designed with the active participation of all those who deliver or are affected by it, including frontline staff, service users and victims.


Approaches informed by evidence
All new approaches need to be based on the evidence. Where direct evidence is lacking, credible proposals should be underpinned by evidence-informed theories of change.


Learning and sharing is critical
Effective practice improvement relies on regular reflection on progress and an openness to learning and sharing what is working and what isn’t.


Do no harm
Increased interaction with the justice system can have negative effects on individuals so our practice development concentrates on the right intervention at the right time with the right people and no more.