Strengthening Probation, Building Confidence Consultation response


This is the Centre for Justice Innovation’s response to the Strengthening Probation, Building Confidence consultation held by the Ministry of Justice.

The response lays out the Centre’s vision for a strategy for effective community supervision.

Firstly, to maximise public safety, we have set out what effective community supervision ought to look like.

It includes:

  • Improving the relationship between the courts and probation;
  • Making the court experience fairer to promote desistance;
  • Reducing the intensity and length of community sentences for low-risk offenders;
  • Improving the quality of supervision for medium and high risk offenders;
  • Testing new approaches to improving compliance with community sentences that offer timely and proportionate sanctions;
  • Expanding the use of electronic monitoring as an additional tool for use in supervision;
  • Reducing the use of short prison sentences, including introducing a presumption against very short prison sentences.


Secondly, if we are to deliver this strategy for effective community supervision, we need to:

  • Restructure probation to realign around police force areas with a mixed funding formula in which Police and Crime Commissioners, local authorities and central Government all fund new probation areas;
  • We call on the government to reintegrate probation across the whole of England;
  • Give probation a national voice, by emulating the model of the Youth Justice Board.