StreetCraft Scholarships launch to encourage criminal justice innovation

The Centre for Justice Innovation today launches the StreetCraft Scholarship programme. StreetCraft Scholarships have been set up to champion the development of innovative frontline criminal justice projects.  Applications will open today and close on 19th March. Anyone with a pioneering idea from across the public, private and voluntary sectors working in criminal justice service delivery is welcome to apply.


The launch of the scholarships coincides with the publication of StreetCraft by the Centre for Justice Innovation. StreetCraft gives voice to those individuals currently on the front-line, developing ground-breaking solutions to tackling crime in our communities. The book reveals a wealth of practitioner-led, social innovation in the justice sector. In their own words, these practitioners tell their stories of doing things differently in a changing and challenging world. The StreetCraft stories reveal that many practitioners up and down the country have strong ideas on how to better develop their services, but they don’t always have the opportunity to put them into practice.


The StreetCraft Scholarships seek to tackle this by assisting a new generation of justice pioneers to secure technical support, practical guidance and access to senior stakeholders. Applications will open today and close on 19th March. Anyone with a pioneering idea from across the public, voluntary and social enterprise sectors working in criminal justice service delivery is welcome to apply. In an environment of considerable change and austerity, the StreetCraft Scholarships aim to inspire a new wave of innovation, and help build a criminal justice system fit for the 21st century.


The Scholarships will be delivered in partnership with Clinks and The Young Foundation. Both organisations are highly experienced supporters of early stage criminal justice social innovators. Full details on how to apply and the types of support available can be found on the Centre for Justice Innovation website


Anton Shelupanov, Associate Director at the Centre for Justice Innovation said:


“StreetCraft demonstrates that frontline criminal justice practitioners have a multitude of excellent ideas to reduce crime, help victims and make our streets safer. In these challenging times for public services, innovation is all the more necessary. Therefore, we are also pleased to announce the launch of the StreetCraft Scholarships to help some of them take these innovations to the next stage and give pioneering practitioners  the opportunity to see their ideas become a reality.”


Notes to the editor


For further information on the scholarships, case studies, or interviews with the Centre for Justice Innovation please contact:Arsheen Qasim or 02076329070


How to apply for a StreetCraft Scholarship


Applications will be accepted via the Centre for Justice Innovation website until 19th March. Applicants must decide which of the two types of support on offer they would like to apply for. Please note that the Scholarship is not suitable for purely academic study or for policy development.


The applications will be shortlisted by a panel consisting of a justice innovator and representatives from the Centre for Justice Innovation, Clinks and the Young Foundation. Shortlisted candidates will then be invited to submit a video pitch and may be invited to meet with the panel in March 2014.


The applicants proposals will be subject to the following criteria:


  1. Applicants will need to demonstrate that they can articulate the change they would like to see and why they think the support within the programme will make it more feasible to be implemented;
  2. Applicants will need a clear theory of change as to why their idea will contribute to reductions in crime and/or improvements in public safety and who will benefit;
  3. Applicants must not be looking to generate a commercial profit for shareholders from their initiative;
  4. Applicants will need to have a plan for how they propose to capture the impact of their innovation once implemented

If applicants have any further questions they can contact


About the Centre for Justice Innovation


The Centre for Justice Innovation, an initiative of the US Center for Court Innovation, seeks to introduce and support new ideas, new projects and new practice in the British criminal justice system.With a commitment to sharing learning between the US and UK, the Centre combines research and international evidence gathering with expert support to front-line practitioners to help build a more innovative and dynamic criminal justice system.The Centre for Justice Innovation is supported by the Hadley Trust, the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, the Monument Trust and the Barrow Cadbury Trust.