Pioneer PC gets scheme support

Pioneer PC gets scheme support

Originally published in Leicester Mercury

Ciaran Fagan


A police officer who runs a fully mobile support scheme for people with mental health problems is to receive a national group’s help to expand it.


Pc Alex Crisp launched a mental health triage car in January last year.


It means when police are called to an emergency, thought to involve people with mental health problems or learning disabilities, Pc Crisp is accompanied by a trained nurse and together, they offer specialist support to people involved in the incidents.


PC Crisp’s work has been recognised by national group, the Centre for Justice Innovation.


It has selected the 31-year-old to take part in a training scheme he hopes will help expand and improve the scheme.


Only four have been chosenfor the Street Craft scholarship programme, where participants work with experts from the criminal justice system and other backgrounds.


Pc Crisp said: “It won’t be just specialist police officers who receive the training.


“In my model, it would be relevant professionals from a variety of services.


“It has always been widely acknowledged police officers are not trained to deal with mental health but, ironically, can often be the point of contact for those in mental crisis.


“As a police officer, I have always been frustrated at my inability to give a good level of support to those who need it.


“It’s only through my work on the triage car that I now believe I have the skills, knowledge and experience to deliver that service.”


The triage car is the result of a partnership between Leicestershire Police, Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust and the former Leicestershire and Rutland Probation Trust.