Local entrepreneur launches campaign to crowdfund a social music venture

Brixton-based entrepreneur Leroy Johnson has been selected as one of six social justice campaigners to participate in an innovative new crowdfunding scheme called ‘The People’s Panel’.


The People’s Panel is a live crowdfunding festival taking place on 30th March at Conway Hall organised by The Young Foundation that allows participants like Leroy to pitch for funds and support in front of a large audience in real time.


Leroy Johnson (43) is the Creative Director of In-Sync Music an online radio platform and music distribution company which seeks to incorporate a social enterprise element by providing training and employability skills to young ex-offenders who want to gain experience in the music industry.


For the past 4 months Leroy has been attending workshops and seminars to hone his project plan and update his skills through the StreetCraft Scholarship Programme. He was  chosen for a highly coveted spot on the six-month, intensive training and development programme where candidates learn from experts and leaders in the criminal justice and social innovation fields on how to set up, advance, scale and sustain their criminal justice idea.


The idea first came to Leroy Johnson during his time in prison at the Brixton HMPS a couple of years ago:


“During my incarceration I met a lot of young people that I think I could help because I can relate to them through our shared experience. I think that there are a lot of youngsters in prison who when they get out just end up going round in the same vicious cycle over and over again. Since my release from prison, what I saw and learnt there has driven me to provide support and a training ground for those young people who are unable to find the right training and unable to find work in the music business which is known to be a difficult industry.”


Money raised for Leroy’s project will go towards much needed office, computer and studio equipment as well as pay for tutors and artists to work as mentors.


Anton Shelupanov, from the Centre for Justice Innovation said:


“In Sync’s ambition to help the youngsters of South London build up their confidence, obtain vital skills and ultimately secure employment is a vision which can make a real difference to the community. The StreetCraft Scholarship and the People’s Accelerator has the power to bring this vision closer to being a reality.”


Notes to the editor


For more information check out Leroy’s campaign at:




Interviews with Anton Shelupanov, Leroy Johnson or one of the young ex-offenders who has worked with In Sync can be arranged. For further information please contact: Arsheen Qasim on 0207 632 9070 or 07918831964 or aqasim@justiceinnovation.org


About Leroy Johnson


Leroy started out in the music industry collaborating with his two brothers to create a unique sound comprising of Soul, Rare Grooves and Reggae which became popular in West London in the 80s.  Leroy, then gathered valuable experience as a DJ for several radio stations including Baseline FM, Power Jam FM, Vibes FM and others before moving to legal radio and playing the Notting Hill Carnival. Leroy’s next progression from radio was into production and distribution of CD compilations.


About the Centre for Justice Innovation


The Centre for Justice Innovation is a UK justice research and development charity. We work to build a justice system that holds people accountable, that is fair and feels fair, and which seeks to address the problems of those people who come into contact with it. We believe that many of the best ideas come from the frontline. That’s why we work to give frontline practitioners the freedom and support they need to shape evidence-led responses to the needs of their local communities.


At a national level, we seek to highlight promising new research and practice and work with policy makers to identify and overcome the barriers to change experienced by practitioners.


Internationally, we strive to learn lessons from around globe, with especially strong links to research and practice in the USA through our unique relationship with the Center for Court Innovation.