A fairer way: procedural fairness for young adults at court

This paper sets out a new model for a procedurally fairer court process for young adult defendants in England and Wales. Along with the model and its supporting evidence, the report contains a plan for areas who wish to implement the model. The report is the product of work the Centre has done with practitioners to identify what changes can be made, within the existing legislation and financial constraints, to develop a fairer court process for young adults.


Building on previous work done by the Centre on procedural fairness in court, the evidence shows that when people feel they have been treated fairly by an institution— when they understand what to expect and what is going on and feel listened to and respected, even when decisions go against them— they are more likely to obey its decisions and this is likely to have an impact on offending. This means less crime and fewer victims.


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This work has been generously funded by the Barrow Cadbury Trust, as part of the Transition to Adulthood Alliance.