Enabling offenders to make choices and face consequences

In line with our Better Courts work programme, we provide support to practitioners doing innovative work at court.


Based in St. Albans Crown Court, the Hertfordshire Choices and Consequences (C2) programme offers eligible adult persistent acquisitive offenders, usually with some form of addiction which has driven their offending, the opportunity to break free from their cycle of offending. They are sentenced to a comprehensive rehabilitative programme in the community, closely monitored by the Court. If they engage with the programme, complete it and do not re-offend they avoid a prison sentence. If not, the consequence is a prison sentence commensurate with the totality of their offending.


As a unique Court-led programme in England, we supported the C2 team to refresh their documentation, clarify processes, and enable details of the programme to be communicated more clearly.


What our partners say


“I started working with the Centre in January 2016 when they first came to look at the Choices and Consequences (C2) programme in action. Since that time they have assisted heavily in refreshing documentation for the programme, producing comprehensive guidance. This has been a lengthy process where they have liaised with all partners, ensuring that all interested parties were able to contribute to and review the documentation. Claire produced accurate material, was knowledgeable and able to use her experience to review the material and offer appropriate advice. Overall I found working with the Centre a very positive experience.”