The criminal justice system works best when it is local. Different places have different needs, different strengths and different priorities. But all too often, the centralised way in which the system is organised creates a one-size-fits-all approach. We believe that no one is better placed to understand the local area than practitioners working on the front line - like police officers, prosecutors or probation officers. But it can be difficult for them to put their ideas into practice. That’s why we seek to make it easier for practitioners to develop, implement and evaluate their ideas by providing help and support.
Streetcraft scholarships

Creating change in the criminal justice system can be daunting - especially for frontline professionals. Our Streetcraft scholarships seek out people with great ideas about how to improve the justice system and offers them the skills and support to make those ideas a reality

Streetcraft research

The criminal justice system is built on professionals like police officers, probation officers and prison guards who do challenging jobs, sometimes in dangerous environments. But they can often go unseen and unrecognised by the communities they serve, let alone by decision makers in Whitehall and Westminster. Their voice sometimes does not get heard clearly enough in the corridors of power. Our Streetcraft research programme tells their stories.