The Centre for Justice Innovation: Putting practitioners and evidence at the heart of justice reform


We seek to build a justice system which all of its citizens believe is fair and effective.



The Centre champions practice innovation and evidence-led policy reform in the UK’s justice systems.



The Centre for Justice Innovation is supported by core grants from the Hadley Trust and the Monument Trust. In addition, we receive restricted grants from a range of charitable and statutory organisations to support work in specific area. Our most recent set of audited accounts can be accessed here.



The Centre is an initiative of the Center for Court Innovation, a not-for-profit in New York that has been at the vanguard of justice reform in the USA since 1995. In 2011, the Centre for Justice Innovation was launched and has led on advocating for and supporting justice reform with a special focus on criminal court and family courts, youth justice and practitioner-led innovation. The Centre is registered as a charity in England and Wales . Our charity number is 1151939.